Shimane Prefecture Historic Folk House Restoration Project





Our group connected the area increasing in the ratio of empty houses and the architect office (Atelier TEKUTO), and built space with the function of the dwelling (villa) with shop which reused skeletons of two small storehouses. This is a specific example of the re-utilized form matched to the present day.
Please see this for the building details.


We transported a traditional folk house from Shimane Prefecture to Ethiopia, and we incubated the cultural center that became a go-between Japan and Ethiopia.
Please see Ethiopia Millennium Pavilion PJ for the details.


We exhibited in "The 14th Fujisawa Environment Fair 2009".


We transported the traditional folk houses to the place with demand and made a suggestion to recycle as a town. We held exhibition for three times in Fujisawa-shi as a case study area.


We made a survey of the traditional folk houses in Oda-shi and Matsue-shi Shimane Prefecture. With local university students, we measured ten several around 100-year-old traditional folk houses and also interviewed the local residents.


We held a workshop of dismantling over 100-year-old traditional folk house located along a silver mine highway with local residents in Oda-shi, Shimane Prefecture.