Earth Chapel Project

This is the project to create a space for the local residents to gather and talk, with the salt damaged soil by tsunami, using our knowledge obtained from Utatsu and Tokura project.
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Soil structure

This building is the architecture of soil structure. The main material is the clay soil, add water and magnesium oxide which available from seawater and compress them to make blocks, and dry naturally for three weeks. Then magnesium oxide and water cause a chemical reaction and strength develops by surrounding particles of the soil when magnesium hydroxide is made, and being crowded. Then react to atmospheric carbon dioxide, they gradually proceed a reaction to the composition that is near to magnesite mineral. This is an architecture of a new idea that getting more hardening and strength with time, not material deteriorates.

Creating community place

After an earthquake disaster, it is arranged with precedence by things necessary for the life including infrastructure and houses, and the restoration of the communication place such as meeting places is apt to be late. As for the Earth Chapel, because the soil for the material exist plentifully all over the world and the construction method is not needed special processing technique, everybody can join from the stage of making. In addition, it is applicable as disaster control measures in coastal places of the world because it can be made the building from the soil covered with the seawater caused by the tsunami.

Sustainable architecture with a little environmental loading

This structure is comprised of earth blocks and seam materials of the soil. Because the form of the block is a simple processing with less CO2 discharges at the time of production and magnesium oxide is obtained from seawater or the magnesite mineral, it is available at any places in the world. Soil and magnesium oxide are 100% recycling material derived from nature, building can be returned to the soil without giving environmental load. In addition, this earth block has the heat storage and humidity adjustment performance, therefore thermal capacity is large, and inside the building made of the earth block is kept warm in winter and cool in the summer.